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The Complete Studio Recordings

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  • Owning this collection is a much better idea than owning the other 2 box set collection for one simple reason: every Zeppelin album had a certain atmosphere and mood which is totally lost if you just string together random Zeppelin hits. How can you compare the acoustic sound and feel of Zeppelin III with a raucous and wild album like Presence? The band strived for unity and cohesion in their albums and sometimes refused to release any singles until much later than the album’s release. To break up their hits into a best of collection seems like a crime.That’s why this collection is so great — all the original art work is preserved along with liner notes, an extra booklet is included with a complete retrospective/overview, the CD’s are all remastered from the originals (and boy does that make a difference) and you have all 10 studio albums plus some bonus tracks like Hey Hey which were only released as B sides. There’s really no way you could go wrong with this set unless you own all 10 albums. I owned maybe 4 of them, but I’m still glad I have the whole set now. It’s very high quality too with nice cases, artwork, and extras. A first class release all the way and a must for Zeppelin collectors.

    Posted on November 23, 2009