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The Complete Studio Recordings

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  • The following is my opinion. Listen, compare, and decide for yourself. Led Zeppelin is my most favorite group. I would give this set 5 stars except for a major shortcoming. Jimmy Page let his ego get in the way when digitally remastering these studio albums. Remastering also means track remixing. Mr. Page has put his guitar work front and center throughout the CDs. Of course, his guitar is legendary, but the other members of Led Zeppelin were not his personal backup band. The Led Zeppelin sound was a well mixed blend of instruments and vocals. Now his remixed guitar tracks often upstage Robert Plant’s voice tracks in the remixes, especially in passages where he is simply strumming or plucking backup notes. It’s a bit like a stew with too much salt, where just enough would have been fine.

    A followup on the Glue Issue:
    After owning the studio set for a month, I must agree with a previous customer that the construction of the box set housing, though artisticly creative, is poorly engineered. If the box case is left with it’s door side facing up, gravity eventually forces the CDs to slip into the glued bindings of their sleeves. The result is glue on the edges of your CDs. Luckily, the original albums were signifigantly shorter in duration than the CD’s capacity. Since CD tracking starts from the center and goes out, there is usually a buffer at the outer edge of the CD. Still you don’t want glue on your CDs. I would recommend inverting the whole case with the lid closed and face down. Then gently tap the case so all the CDs inside fall away from their glued sleeve bindings. Finally, store the case with the lid facing out like a garrage door and the internal CDs laying horizontal. Better yet, invest a few bucks in a set of slim plastic cases and just store the 10 CDs in new clean cases. I removed a small bit of glue using 70% isopropyl alchohol and a soft tissue, such a toilet paper. I applied the alcohol sparingly to the tissue and very gently pushed the glue radially toward the edge of the CD, until it dissolved onto the tissue.
    I emphasize “gently” and “sparingly” and of course, you do this at your own risk. You may call all this being nit-picky, but hey it is a $110+ music investment.

    Posted on November 23, 2009