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The Crown Jewels

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  • This set is, in my opinion, what a boxed set should be. I hate sets that take the tracks out of their original LP sequences, spread them over too many discs, and then end up not giving you everything anyway. This box is the opposite of a box like that. These are the first 8 albums, with NO BONUS TRACKS. I hate it when bonus tracks pop up and the end of an album and spoil the original continuity. The discs in this set are NOT the same as the standard-issue Hollywood series. As for the packaging; phenomenal. The CD packaging perfectly mimics the original vinyl sleeves, down to every detail (e.g., the embossing on ‘Night At The Opera’ and the poster with ‘Jazz’). The discs themselves don’t look ugly like the Hollywood ones, either. Don’t spend $30 each on the Japanese imports – you get them all right here. The booklet is a bit disappointing. You do get full lyrics and some photos, yet Matt Pinfield’s self-centered album summaries are boring and useless. The albums are wonderfully mastered too, though the mixes do sound slightly different from the Hollywood versions.All in all, Brilliant. Like I said, this is what a box set should be. If you own little or nothing by Queen and want to get into them, don’t waste time or money on the regular versions (the bonus tracks are NOT worth it… awful house remixes!).

    Posted on November 24, 2009