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The Crown Jewels

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  • There is simply no better collection to buy for any rock fan. I have owned all of these 8 albums on vinyl before and the sound on these remastered discs is much better especially for those who love their earlier albums. The crisp sound only makes one appreciate the complexity of the music and the bottom is much clearer.Of course quality of the recording wouldn’t matter if the music isn’t good and this is as good as it gets. What a great idea to simply put together queen’s first 8 albums. Everyone of these discs is a great work of art but my personal favorite is queen 2. Simply blows me away! “March of the black queen” has so many chord and timing changes it’s hard to keep up and “white queen” is a great song. The third disc “sheer heart attack” perhaps benefits the most from the remastered sound and brighton rock just leaps out of the speakers. “A night at the opera” is one of the best albums of all time and “a day at the races” is close to that level. In short this is most of the best work by one of the best bands of all time. The sound is as good as it gets and it is worth buying for any serious queen or rock fan. I know there are many who own some of these albums and maybe shy about paying this much for some of the same material but trust me it is worth it. It all comes in a jewelery type cd box with a booklet of liner notes and lyrics for all the songs………….socks

    Posted on November 24, 2009