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The Crown Jewels

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  • I just purchased this set to boost my collection of Queen albums and have been a fan since they emerged in the early 70’s. OK, so this is NOT a reflection of this multi talented band in entirety, and they certainly produced a lot of good albums after “The Game” (last album chronologically in this set)so a 25 year box set is missing quite a bit. That said, this set does contain some of their best work. From the deep rock seasoning of “the Prophets Song” and “Tie your Mother Down” to the choral flow of Brian May’s “39″, the rasping brood of Roger Taylors “In Love with my Car” and even the campy eloquence of “Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon” (plus many many more) one thing becomes quickly clear. Queen as a band never stood still, with a broadness of range and evolving style, this multi talented quartet were at the top of their game, and the forefront of Rock music for the last thirty years, and have doubtless inspired, and spawned many famous names since.

    This rating has to be 5 stars from a collectors point of view all the way for the following reasons:

    1) These are the original recordings remastered onto CD, and they sound just like the vinyl albums. Great!
    2) They are the original length albums, not remixed, rehashed, or added to with special “bonus” tracks and weird “mixes”
    3) Nice presentation velvet box, and I like the copy of the album sleeves for each CD, some bifold, some single sleeve with protective inner sleeves. Also complete lyric list booklet.
    4) The first (and arguably the best) of their amazing range is here, in their first eight albums.

    True musicians as they were, it was not until the release of “The Game” that they caved, and began to use synthesisers (each preceeding album boasts “no synths” in the album smallprint).
    Having said all of this about this great set, they are one or two things you should remember however.

    1) A lot of good stuff came after this set, so it doesn’t actually represent 25 years.
    2) It’s a collectors set, so it’s overpriced

    I know a lot of people could care less about nice sleeves, and a fancy velvet box, and indeed most of these will end up in flip cases, or CD sun visors. Also some people may like the re releases with the bonus tracks and buying the individual albums may be cheaper. My advice – this is a MUST HAVE either way, I still used Amazon, but sorry guys I used your marketplace and saved over $65!! on retail, so shop wisely. Enjoy

    Posted on November 24, 2009