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The Crusade

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  • I tried to enjoy this CD — I really did. Despide never being a fan of the nasal emocore vocals, I thoroughly enjoyed Trivium’s last CD (Ascendancy) and was anticipating this one like no other.

    However, when I read an interview in which Matt Heafy said that Trivium’s goal was to “become the next Metallica”, I thought it was a simple metaphor: They wanted to be the band that carried heavy metal to new distances and became almost synonymous with the genre, right? Unfortunately for me (and for my expectations), I was wrong. With this CD, Trivium has sort of fallen off the radar for me. Granted, the CD has their signature shredder guitars and vocals…but it sounds so much like an early Metallica release (with lower mid levels) that I’m terribly disappointed in the guys in Trivium.

    When they said that they wanted to be “the next Metallica”, I didn’t think they meant they were going to become, for all practical purposes, a Metallica cover band. Although the songs are originally written by Trivium, everything from the drum rhythms to the overly-mixed vocals is reminiscent of early Metallica, so much so that I begin to wonder what creativity Trivium has left.

    These guys really had a lot going for them — an original sound, blazing fast guitars, and new melodies. I’m giving “The Crusade” two stars because I think the music sounds good, up until you realize how painfully wannabe it is. Now it’s trying to be “Ride the Lightning” all over again…sadly, it comes across more as Trivium’s own rendition of “St. Anger” Buy it if you’re a Trivium fan, or if you like the singles off the CD. Otherwise, stay clear of this one and cross your fingers that they will find their individuality again.

    Posted on January 15, 2010