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The Crusade

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  • Trivium in their finest hour can’t compare to legends of the past (Metallica, Megadeth, others.) So to make comparisons like that are completely absurd and completely stupid. This album is above average in my opinion. Not a classic by any means, just a very good metal album, one of the best this year. Also check out Mastodons “Blood Mountain” and War of Ages “Pride of the Wicked”, 2 more good metal acts that will carry the metal torch.

    Trivium has slowly progressed from a simple metalcore act to a superb thrash act, showing signs of breaking away from that trend on Ascendency, incorporating more thrashy and metal elements than their peers. They are now broken farther away from metalcore acts with vocals being tweeked to more of a hardcore/thrash yell/singing. I think this might be their way of weeding out the music fans from the scene kids, start as a simple metalcore act then slowly incorporate REAL music into your songs and see who lasts.

    Trivium is on the verge of a breakout and if you want to use Metallica termage, this album is Trivium’s Ride The Lightning in terms of musical growth I believe. Many may disagree but I think their popularity will decrease because of this album. Most fans wont realize how awesome this album is and jump ship. This is metal kids, whether you like it or not. Metal will never die and Trivium is going to be one of the bands to carry it on.

    A few things I would like to point out.

    1)Trivium is 1000x better than most metal acts out there right now. Unlike most of the metalcore acts with super fast chuggin and double bass pedal galore, Trivium uses those techniques to change the tempo and change song structure. The solos are nothing to laugh about either, showing influence of early trash acts like Slayer and Anthrax. Mean licks abound.

    2) No more gang chants. Track 4 featured a “whoa Whoa whoa” gang chant. That is outdated and really really corny. Gang chants were made famous by the stadium rock and glam/hair rock of the 80’s, where frequently concerts sucked so they used those to get the crowd into it. Cut it dudes. You’re too talented to use those. Let us hear your instruments to get us pumped.

    3) Drums could be toned down a bit. Sometimes I felt the drums took away from the other instruments (bass could have been turned up a bit, but I’m a bass player there is never too much bass) Guitars are also sometimes drowned by the drums.

    4) Give em one or two more albums. They have almost got it. I’m really looking forward to what Trivium will bring us in the future.

    Posted on January 15, 2010