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The Crusade

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  • First off I have never been a Trivium fan before this album. This might be the album that erases Nu-Metal and Metalcore and that is a good thing IMO. Everybody has there own tastes and if you want to listen to that type of music it will always be avaiable in the underground but it’s high time REAL METAL is brought back to the forefront and Trivium seems like the band willing to lead the charge!!!

    This album proudly showcases what makes real metal so great and superior to false metal. Ripping guitar solo’s executed unapologetically and often. Real sung vocals devoid of unneccesary screaming or hardcore shouts. I know some people like this, but that is metalcore, Trivium has turned into a real metal/thrash band and it was a wise decision to drop these silly trends from there music. The vox are awesome by Heafy because he still sings aggressively so as to fit the heavy thrash music, and the need for cookie monster’s apperance in not needed. I always wondered why some band did not try the old Hetfield approach to vox and just sing in an aggressive tone instead of scream and shout. Finally someone has. Thanks Matt!

    Songs like ‘Entrance of the Conflagration’ and ‘Detonation’ totally remind me of Master of Puppets era Metallica and that is so refreshing to hear again. The Choruses of ‘Ignition’ and ‘This World Can’t tear us Apart’ showcase Trivium’s melodic sense. While songs like ‘Tread the Floods’ and ‘The Crusade’ showcase the bands technical ability that blows away the 3 chord altenative bands of the grunge 90’s. Finally the ‘Anthem’ is a fun song that despite a little cheesiness kinda sounds like an anthem for Real Metal’s Triumphant and Pround Return!

    Band’s like Nevermore, Evergrey, Tad Morose, Iced Earth, Brainstorm, and Primal Fear just to name a few, have been carring the flag for true metal for some time. Unfortunately, they have been relagated to the underground due to bigger labels owning the marketing media. I think Trivium will pave the way for all of these bands to explode out of the underground and into the mass acceptance of true metal. They have the big label backing them and the skills to prove it. They might just be the New Old Metallica????

    Posted on January 15, 2010