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The Cuckoo Clocks of Hell

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  • Remember when you would be listening to “sacrifist”,”monsters n robots”,”giant robot”,ect and thought “man,he should just go for it and take it up even one MORE notch!”,well he finally said screw it and out popped “cuckoo clocks of hell”!think of this as the closest thing to a deicide/pantera/slayer/praxis hybrid you’ll ever experience(‘praxis’cause there’s still a bit of perfectly intertwined and humourous funk that chimes in hither and thither on most the tracks)this seriously IS every bit as good as any death metal album I’ve heard-alot of the riffage is so much like the early guitar of cannibal corpse,cryptopsy,cradle-it’s just so true to the style itself.the second best part have to be the amazing metallic drummings of may not even recognize him except for a few classic parts where he “jumbles it up” a times his drums sound like fear factory’s raymond herrerra,ex-pantera drummer vinnie paul,ect and his bass drums are right up to par with any of the speedier metal-this dude is versatile as hell!anyways,this is a classic and a must-have for any bucketfan,and anyone who thought buckethead just was unable to be TRULY heavy absolutly needs to check this stuff’s to hoping ol’ bucky will play this at next years ozzfest!!!

    Posted on February 27, 2010