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The Curse

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  • This was the third Atreyu album that I’ve bought and it might be the best. If you like raging, intense screaming alternated with awesome melodies, then you’ll probably like Atreyu. And if you’re an already established Atreyu fan, you’ll probably love this album. Definitely a worthwile purchase either way. And if you’re a metal fan–metalcore especially–then you definitely want to check out Atreyu.
    And even if you’ve never listened to much metal–heck, I had literally never listened to metal except for two Atreyu songs I bought off of iTunes before I bought my first Atreyu CD, and I love it.
    So, anyway, The Curse is worth buying. Buy it. Now.

    The best song off it is probably The Crimson–totally awesome. Melodies (and screaming) that have you yelling along, amazing lyrics, and everything else done just right.

    The songs on this album, I thought, covered a wider range than on Suicide Notes, and were as a whole better than on Deathgrip.

    Yeah. Awesome album AND band! Can’t wait for their new album to come out! (Not Best of Atreyu, the one they haven’t released the name for yet.)

    Posted on February 8, 2010