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The Dance

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The goth-rock act’s 1998 EP features six tracks including CD-ROM material, ’The Dance’, ’Another Day’, ’The Other Half (Of Me), ’Remix Restless’, Remix Candles & Pearls Of Light’ & enhanced material with information, special song & pictures of the band. Rough Trade.

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  • je suis vraiment très satisfait de mon achat, les CD sont arrivés en excellent état malgré la distance parcourue ^^ merci encore

    Posted on December 25, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Great early release from Within Temptation. Sharon den Adel is fantastic. Excellent voice with tremendous range.

    Posted on December 25, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Some 6-7 years ago I was napstering around and found out (cant remember exactly how) about the songs in this EP. I was really pleased/amazed/thrilled by this lovely voice…. Being a ToT fan (dropped being a fan after musique though) I really enjoyed the melodies, growlings, music, and definately this sweet voice…. I would advise to get this one to understand the complete evolution of one of the best dark/gothic/doom bands available.

    Posted on December 25, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • An EP by Within Temptation carries more substance within it than most bands’s full-length albums; “The Dance” is a deep and lush mini-album that fuses the epic feel and invigorating nature of power metal, the massive grandeur of symphonic doom metal a la Morgion or Orphanage, and the rich beauty of atmospheric metal like Nightsky Bequest and The Gathering. Some have complained that some of the elements used – the choir effects, the alternating female and male vocals, etc. have been used a lot in recent years. I’d respectfully counter that elements like guitar solos and drums have been used a lot for decades and decades; the fact remains that having them doesn’t automatically make a band unoriginal. Within Temptation is one of the freshest and most original bands to emerge in the last decade; there are no sound-alikes to the group that I know of. The closest comparison to the material on “The Dance” might be The Gathering with their awesome “Mandylion” and “Nighttime Birds” albums, but the two sounds are only about as close a reference point as, say, Judas Priest to Iron Maiden to Accept – similar in ways but certainly not clones.

    The soft-to-crushingly heavy guitars, the innovative keyboard effects, the powerful bass and the varied drumming are all outstanding, as are the ‘growled/savage’ male vocals of Robert Westerholt (which in Within Temptation actually fit in exceptionally well with the music they’re playing, which isn’t always the case with female-fronted symphonic/atmospheric metal of this kind). The star performer though has to be lead singer Sharon den Adel, whose emotive vocals soar with the power of a majestic falcon and the graceful beauty of an angel. Exceptionally well put-together songs – a tribute to the art of musical and lyrical composition – with melodies and words that make lasting impacts. Everything I’ve heard from Within Temptation is excellent and “The Dance” is no exception; may the mammoth success they’re enjoying in Europe soon be replicated in North America and the rest of the world.

    Posted on December 25, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • After the release of their gothic metal classic Enter, Within Temptation decided to put out an intermission CD for their ever-hungry fans. Consisting of 3 new tracks, 2 remixes, and bonus enhanced material, I’m going to say any fan of WT should try to get their hands on this, especially for the new songs.

    The EP begins with the self-titled track, a favorite of mine with one of the most unforgettable choruses I think I’ve ever heard. Some male grunting is featured, but thankfully it’s pushed back into the mix a little. Following this is a quirky little ballad called “Another Day” – which only showcases Sharon’s airy, angelic singing. A beautiful song altogether, also featuring a great chorus. The track 3 slot belongs to fan favorite “The Other Half (Of Me)”. This song is a lot heavier and faster than the WT I had already acquainted myself with, so it took me awhile to appreciate it. Of course, a few listens changed that, and now it could very well be one of my all-time favorite WT songs.

    The remixes aren’t anything special, but they’re nice to have if you’re a collector. A classical version of “Restless” is included as an enhanced track, accompanied by band bios and tour photos.

    Again, this is a must for WT fans. However, to anyone just starting to get a hold of this band, I’d suggest getting the follow-up album Mother Earth or 2004’s The Silent Force first. But you really can’t go wrong either way.

    Posted on December 25, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now