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The Dark

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  • Infact, scratch that title – This is THE best album I have ever bought. For thrash/speed metal, I have bought the rated ‘best’ thrash albums of the 80s – ‘Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying?’ by Megadeth, ‘Master of Puppets’ by Metallica, ‘Reign In Blood’ by Slayer, ‘Bonded By Blood’ by Exodus…oh…too many thrash albums to name.

    But NONE of them compare to such a masterpiece as this.

    Every song is jaw-droppingly explosive, melodic, and evil. The only niggling thing is the volume, but if you had the cassette version, then this album would be top-to-bottom flawless.

    As I like to do when I occasionally write a review, I’ll rate and review the songs in track listing order:

    1. Ton of Bricks – 10/10 – “My World, Will Not Cave In / I Will Dare so I Will Win / Hear The Time Bombs Begin To Click / I’ll Hit You Like A Ton of Bricks” – Very powerful song Metal Church have written, the sort of ‘always on the go’ style energy pushed through the song, and a fun song to play on a drum kit!

    2. Start the Fire – 10/10 – Start the Fire is a well-built awesome song, with a bouncy powerchordy riff as the main part of the song, and, even though the lyrics might be a little too rebellious, that should never be a huge problem because of the concept of the song – rebellion.

    3. Method To Your Madness – 10/10 – I see this song as a more advanced version of Iron Maiden’s ‘Can I Play With Madness?’ with riffs that sound happy, yet with over-powering sadness. The song is about war, which is always a good concept to write a song about, and David Wayne (vocalist) describes the song very well according to style.

    4. Watch The Children Pray – 10+/10 – My favourite song on this motherf**king planet!! The atmosphere is absolutely over-whelming, not to mention the feeling and passion given in by Metal Church when they recorded this phenomenon of a song. The verses in the song have the simplest, yet extremely catchy guitar and bass tunes, the chorus is so powerful, David Wayne fully gives his vocals hell in the chorus. Amazing song.

    5. Over My Dead Body – 10/10 – Fast paced, explosive song to recover the heaviness from the previous mellow track. And boy, does it do the job well! Old school thrash sound, constant energy derived from all five sides of the band at all times. Once again, David Wayne’s vox show how evil the song is, and Kirk Arrington (guitarist) executes the riffs perfectly.

    6. The Dark – 10/10 – As I mentioned earlier on, Albums like ‘Peace Sells’, ‘Master of Puppets’ and ‘Bonded By Blood’ had the most awesome title tracks, and this album has no difference. The dark, pessimistic feel to this song is incredible, the solos are ripping, the riffs are pounding, the vocals are screaming…

    7. Psycho – 10+/10 – No, this is not a song that System of a Down covered – those fools could never cover an amazing song like this, and do a good job of it. Psycho is the fastest-paced song on the album, and the brutalness – “Can it be what you’re taught to believe / It’s nothing more than your mind can conceive / He’s out there waiting, he’s waiting for you / The psycho is ready to kill”

    8. Line of Death – 10/10 – This sounds like a typical Iron Maiden song too, but again, it’s much better somehow. The actual song is about Hitler and his genocide, not some random line killing everyone. The riffs, and dual harmonies make the song amazing to listen to, the solos rip up well (by saying that, I’m saying the solos are awesome) and the breakdown is killer…

    9. Burial at Sea – 10/10 – Perhaps the most evil song on the album, opening with a fade-in death-like riff, and then a killer menacingly high-pitched scream from David Wayne, the sort of one that’ll make you go “Kwoar, listen to that!”. The song itself is slow, yet it doesn’t drag at all, it somehow keeps you gripped in like a python, and also diversifies itself from the other songs on this album.

    10. Western Alliance – 10/10 – Powerful finish to the album, non-stop insanity put into an 80s thrash metal song. “Truth to falsify / Poisoning their lives / Hell is on the rise / The West must now align” with more technical vocals and lyrics, simpler-yet-cool guitar riffs, craziness at the end of the song, the album simply ends with a potential punch that leaves you thinking “that is a great f**king album…”

    If this doesn’t help you out with your decision, then it should be quite hard to find a more accurate review here. If you’re just reading this for the hell of it, you’ve just wasted your time really, unless you need reassuring to the album.


    Posted on March 4, 2010