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The Days of Grays

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  • I’m going to have to disagree greatly with the other 2 reviewers. This album, like many other great albums, takes some getting used to. Sonata Arctica have definitely evolved into more of a progressive outfit than a power metal outfit. This is NOT a bad thing, as the fantastic vocal lines and soaring melodies lend themselves wonderfully to both genres. The people who say bad stuff about this album will likely be the same people who disliked Unia…comments like “not enough super fast songs”, “where is the double bass”, etc. In reality, this album is a logical progression from the sidestep that Unia was. I love ALL of Sonata Arctica’s stuff, but I feel like this evolution/change in their sound is not a bad thing. I mean really, how many years do you think a band should spend rewriting the same album? I for one am very impressed with the added maturity of Sonata’s songwriting nowadays. Sure, some of the fun aspect of it had to be killed off in the process, but the other super fast power metally albums still exist for you to listen to when you want a fix of that. The Days of Grays and Unia provide another side of this band, and I think that any Sonata Arctica fan will enjoy this with some repeated listens.

    Standout tracks: Deathaura, Zeroes, Juliet, As If The World Wasn’t Ending

    Posted on March 1, 2010