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The Days of Grays

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  • This album is simply a masterpiece! This album is kinda like Unia just minus huge choirs of Tony’s. This album contains lots of catchy vocal melodies, shouting and orchestrations. The downside is that there is not many solos on the album and it’s all just Tony (not really a bad thing). It might take the listener a few spins to appreciate the album much like the bands previous release “Unia”. Overall I haven’t been bored with this album and I listen to it regularly. Sonata is doing the right thing in my opinion and making there own music/style, if your expecting old Sonata Arctica and can’t accept growth and maturity in bands then this isn’t for you. Enjoy the experience! The Days Of Grays is one of the best releases this year (2009).

    Posted on March 1, 2010