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The Days of Grays

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  • Let me introduce myself as a Sonata fan from the beginning. I have always loved their fast, double-bass laden power metal. As an objective listener who like GOOD MUSIC and not just double-bass crazy fast stuff, I can say that this is definitely one of their best albums. Sonata Arctica has made a truly epic album full of hard, melodic rock that fans should love despite a slight slow-down in speed. But please note that it is definitely an increase in tempo and power from Unia. I get bored with Unia, but have been listening to Days of Grays constantly since I bought it in September. As with most albums from groups you love that have been around a long time, I was a little disappointed as I listened to the album the first time around. But that’s basically a result of having to distance the new songs from the band’s previous songs that are ingrained in your mind. the second time around was a charm, and I recommend this album to anybody that likes rock, likes rock with good lead singer voices, and likes rock with melody. GO SONATA!

    Posted on March 2, 2010