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The Days of Grays

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  • I’ve been a fan of Sonata since ecliptica, and for the most part i’ve enjoyed everything they’ve put out. I will not recap all their previous albums, but I will say, in my own opinion this is some of their best work to date. There is no doubt in my mind the Ecliptica is still by far their best album, but there is only so much speed metal to be done these days. I really enjoy how dark this album is. From the erie opener leading into Deathaura, to the sad and gloomy juliet, this album has a bit of everything. I feel it’s somewhat of a mix between Winterheart’s Guild and Unia. I feel that this album was what they wanted to accomplish with Unia. I know that alot people have mixed emotions about this album, but i think if people just get past the fact that SA wants to try new things, and give the album a whirl they will find that there is still SA roots deep within, and some new elements that’s going to keep fans always wanting more. I know i want more, and I wonder where they will go from here. Some con’s I have about the album since i find this album not quite perfect, is the lack of solo’s, but then again, I can’t complain about that when i’m hearing violins…..oh how i love violins…..Enjoy Day’s of Grays! I know I do!

    Posted on March 2, 2010