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The Dead Word

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  • Devon’s last two albums (Crows and Tree) are two of my favorite albums of the 21st century, so far. There was never any doubt in my mind that I would buy this new album, then, and I’m sure I’ll buy the next one (assuming we are lucky enough that he continues to make more albums.)

    However, all I can think of is that this particular album was just rushed – the material wasn’t quite ready and the mix sounds a bit off to me in ways I’m not sure I can adequately describe, other that it isn’t as polished as the last two albums. Some of this material definitely sounds like a re-hash of the 2002 release, so sort of a step backwards in a sense. Having said that, “Some Sane Advice” moves into my own personal “Best of” DST list, while “The Long Ride Home” and “Let the Hammer Fall Down” make honorable mention. Dead Soul Tribe fans shouldn’t take all this to mean I don’t think this album isn’t worth getting. I just suggest one has less expectations going in. Perhaps it was only natural there would be a let down, after doing four albums in four years – having one good one, two great ones, and now a pretty good one ain’t bad!

    However, for those new to Dead Soul Tribe, definitely pick up January Tree, first, A Murder of Crows second, and then get this one. (Or, heck, just buy them all now and listen to them in the correct order. :)

    Posted on November 14, 2009