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The Dead Word

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  • The Good
    Tribal drumbeats and tortured vocals dominate on the CDs first single “A Flight on Angels Wings”. There are some wicked bass and guitar riffs as the track progresses. A thick bass line lays the blueprint for “To My Beloved…”. Graves shares his pain through his deep and passionate vocal delivery. Devon is at his best on the guitar heavy chorus. Dead Soul Tribe breaks through their melancholy tones with the addictive up-tempo track “Don’t You Ever Hurt?”. “Let the Hammer Fall” is a pure metal composition complete with meaty riffs and biting guitar solos. On “Waiting in Line” the focus shifts to Graves multi-tracked vocal harmonies. They come off haunting, yet melodic. Dead Soul Tribe employs lots of electronic progressive elements on “My Dying Wish”.

    The Bad
    Nothing notable

    The Verdict
    It’s apparent that Devon Graves is a dark and tortured soul on The Dead Word. One man’s pain becomes your pleasure, as it translates into some great progressive metal. What exactly tortures our vocalist/lyricist is up to you to decipher.

    Posted on November 14, 2009