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The Dead Word

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  • For me Deadsoul Tribe’s strength is that they remind me of Tool, one of my favorite bands. They have a dark morose sound and lyrics, a similar disjointed, syncopated style, a heavy stop and go drum and guitar beat with unusual melodies, somewhat de-emphasizing the vocals for the sake of the strong instrumentation. That’s not to say that, as a singer, Graves doesn’t have his moments. He has a pleasant mid to high pitched voice and a decent style that together, with echo chambers and dual tracks, happens to compliment the music.

    With each progressive release by both bands, it’s gotten to where Deadsoul Tribe sounds more like Tool to me than Tool. Well at least somebody sounds like Tool.

    If you have never heard of these guys or know little of them, I suspect that is about to change! For fans of Tool, Nine Inch Nails, Filter and Type O negative.

    Posted on November 14, 2009