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The Dead Word

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Dead Soul Tribe - The Messenger

Dead Soul Tribe - The Messenger From There Album : A Murder Of Crows Song# 3 5:15 _____________________ L Y R I C S _____________________ We're leaving tomorrow We'll travel on through the morning light Leaving in sorrow Carrying something that must get through So many waiting To hear the news that I have for you Won't be relating Though it is something that you once knew If I tell you I'm not afraid I'd be lying to you Peace from inside That I'm trying to get to The warmth of an infinite sun Will be lighting my way Let in the light And the dark leaves you I'm gonna let it be known I'm gonna let it be shown I'm gonna set it free Come tomorrow I'll be on my way We're Grieving tomorrow Leaving our home for the circus life It has to mean something Could never mean more than its sacrifice So many wondering Why we have come from so far away Only to bring you something Something already inside of you The heart is the temple of feeling The mind is the cage of the soul The people are blind That you follow behind Leading you over the edge And into the hole Singing tomorrow The unholy verse of this threnody Ringing in sorrow Bells of the new fallen sacrilege We're bringing tomorrow News of the world from a second sight The pounding of hooves and black wings Burden the beast of our own device _________________________ Plz Rate 5 *'s! _________________________ No Copyright Intended =)


Dead Soul Tribe - To My Beloved

Track 03 from "The Dead Word" !!Buy the cd!! LYRICS: When the rains of the Earth stood still In the faith of the darkest will Sorcerers of the ageless one Cu...

Deadsoul Tribe - A Stairway to Nowhere

A Stairway to Nowhere by Deadsoul Tribe. This is only the song with the album cover as an image throughout the video.

Dead Soul Tribe - Angels in Vertigo (by Pudelfilm)

Dead Soul Tribe - Angels in Vertigo (live) Live footage from "A Lullaby for the Devil" tour, December 2007 Watch out for the upcoming DVD.

Deadsoul Tribe - Why

Band: Deadsoul Tribe Album: The January Tree Song: Why.

Feed Part I - Stone By Stone - Dead Soul Tribe

A skeleton made of houses Something out of the nothingness Will be born Asleep for a thousand years Taking form Stone by stone Stone by stone Something is st...

Coming Down - Dead Soul Tribe


Dead soul tribe- Spiders and flies

song from The January tree...

Dead Soul Tribe - The Messenger

Dead Soul Tribe - The Messenger From There Album : A Murder Of Crows Song# 3 5:15 L Y R I C S _...

Dead Soul Tribe - Once

Dead Soul Tribe's Song Once From There Self Titled Album Song # 8 4:50 L Y R I C S ______...