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The Dethalbum

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  • Awesome album. You know, I’ve always sort of loved, shall we call it, “death metal”, but only for the music. The problem I have with metal is that it usually takes itself too seriously. The music is awesome but the lyrics usually leave me in a state of, “wtf?”

    Dethklok is awesome metal music with lyrics that don’t take it seriously and (once you manage to interpret them) are actually pretty funny.

    The Lost Vikings, for example, is a tale of a group of men who ride out to battle without a map, get lost and are too proud to ask for directions, choosing to simply ride around randomly and if anyone asks them about it they lie and say they’re riding around on purpose.

    Murmaider is a tale of caution about what might happen if you attempt to murder mermaids.

    Everything about this music is hard core metal except the lyrics and that’s why it works so well for me.

    I was so glad when I saw they had added this to Amazon’s MP3 download section. It’s well worth it. I hope they add the rare bonus CD as well (which has the Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle). Offer me that and I’ll buy it, too.

    Posted on January 26, 2010