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The Dethalbum

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  • Ok i did a similar review over in the deluxe edition but ill do it here too.

    Dethklok’s first album finally drops and we are treated to remastered full length version of songs we’ve heard on the show. Awesome, if you like metal you’ll like Dethklok. Just forget the part about them not being real and remember that they tend to poke fun at metal and life. (Dethday lol, “you’re short on time… you’re running out of life.” funniest birthday song ive ever heard.)

    As good as this album is… its kinda sad that this is the most metal thing ive heard this year. From beginning to end, metal through and through. Its not a bad thing but i find it sad that other bands dont produce albums that are this good all the way through.

    To the long review guy: Id say there is a chance that wed get a limited theatrical release “tour”. Itd be pretty cool but i cant say what demographic would show up for it. I just hope that after season 2 they do another cd for the new songs they will debut this season.

    If you like metal, do yourself a favor and pick this up.

    Posted on January 26, 2010