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The Devil You Know

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  • Black Sabbath with Dio were always great. Everything they did together was brilliant and as good as their best Ozzy records. Their new album is amazing. I don’t think we’ll have a better metal album this year. Everything that defines Black Sabbath is there- thunder bass from Geezer Butler, great riffs from Iommi, heavenly vocals from Dio. I don’t understand the one and two star reviews. I guess they are from frustrated new musicians. They don’t understand that metal is not about technique. Some newer bands have great technique, but the most of them sound dull and uninspired. You don’t remember anything after you stop the CD. The more style definitions, the duller the band. These days , everyone can get a guitar and play and even record music. And frustration comes quickly when they realize they can never compete with the great bands. They envy Sabbath because they can never be as great as they are And what a stupid review starting with “I never liked Sabbath or Dio…” So, then, why the hell are you writing a review? With these words, you make it automatically irrelevant! An intelligent person does not listen to music because of technique. Some of the greatest songs ever were amazingly simple.

    Posted on December 15, 2009