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The Downward Spiral

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  • Words cannot begin to describe The Downward Spiral. This is a perfect recording, the divine Nine Inch Nails album. I’ve listened to each and every one of the halo’s, and without a doubt, this one is the best. The message and mood of the songs are practically a suicide note written in music. Musically and lyrically it is the best album I have ever listened to.NIN’s breakthrough hit “Closer” is in here, but believe me, that’s not all the album has to offer. It contains a lot of variety while sticking to the basis of Industrial. “Ruiner” is a haunting song that will stick with you for a long time…music-wise it nearly reaches perfection. “The Becoming” is one of the most abstract Nine Inch Nails songs ever written, and that’s saying a lot. “A Warm Place” is a very beautiful and heavenly instrumental, perhaps the best instrumental Trent has ever recorded. “Hurt” is the most moving ballad I’ve ever heard. “March Of The Pigs” is probably the greatest Hard Rock song of all time. The list goes on and on. Each song is so amazing that I’d be hard pressed to choose a favorite.What more can be said that I haven’t already said? This album is closer to perfection (no pun intended) than any other album will ever hope to be. Trent Reznor is a music god, and if this album doesn’t solidify that statement, then…well, I guess the world deserves to go to hell.

    Posted on February 17, 2010