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The Eclipse of Ages Into Black

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  • I say before you listen to any tracks on this CD, stick it in and skip to track 11 and then listen to track 12. Tack 11 is just very short, and should be their theme song “All Hail the Ancient Goat!” It makes me want to scream it at everyone I pass on the street. Track 12 is surprisingly original. Listen to that harmony. One of the riffs in the middle of the song sounds like an impression of Gregorian Monks humming, but it’s black metal guitar. The rest of the album is filled with “catchy” tunes that I want to listen to over and over again. But trust me on the Track 11-12 thing.

    Posted on March 13, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I notice with alot of these reviews they compare this band either by European Black Metal Bands or other projects they are in to determine the style of this band.Here’s how I see it personally.These guys totally brought back the sprit of old black metal and I’m not talkin Circa 1991.I’m Talkin about Hellhammer,Venom,Bathory,That was straightforward black metal dude.But what I like about this band is they take the influences of these bands,and put in a little modern flavor of their own bands for what I feel is a awesome record that recaptures the spirit of old school black metal but in a very original, modern way without being totally retro sounding.I think you’ll like this record if you are into any of the above bands but into newer stuff and not a total 80’s black metal cave dweller.New one is great also.But it’s my opinion so check em out.ALSO THESE GUYS RULE LIVE!! SEE THEM!!!

    Posted on March 12, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • goatwhore is an amazing band composed of members of acid bath, soilent green, etc. their music is full of devilish rage and this cd is a must have for any black metal fan. if you ever get a chance to see these guys perform live, you should check them out cause they put on an awesome show.

    Posted on March 12, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • OK, it starts of like this. Goatwhore is opening for GWAR, i’m not much of a GWAR fan, but dying to see their live show. Goatwhore and God Forbid are the openers. I know God Forbid, but nothing of Goatwhore ( i love their name!),amazons cheesy little sample of The Beauty in Suffering made me decide to hear this whole CD. Went out and bought it (as i was buying the GWAR tickets) and have been amazed ever since. EVIL – nice and evil. And, i don’t know jack about their previous bands so this is from a whole new ear. So, i’m going to SEE GWAR, bt i’m WAY more exited about seeing (and hearing) GOATWHORE!!GOATWHORE!!Fave 2: Invert the Virgin, and Under a Dark God – The whole CD is great.Hail SATAN – HAIL

    Posted on March 12, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Since the black metal hayday of the early 1990’s, most black metal bands have split off into two camps(There are exceptions such as Immortal). There is either the new, modern, well-produced, death and progressive influnced black metal; or the necro, Bathory-esque, minmialistic black metal bands. As a result, the two major complaints about current black metal bands of extreme metal fans who hear both styles are that they either lack the depressing and gloomy atmoshpere that separates black metal from other genres, or they lack diversity and fail to distinguish themselves from the many other bands.

    This album is the solution to these problems. It is an extremely diverse album, yet does not sacrifice the depressing, yet aggressive atmosphere prevalent on albums such as Under a Funeral Moon or Pure Holocaust. I have NEVER heard a black metal album that mixes these two traits so well(Immortal’s-ATHOW is an excellent album, but has a different type of atmosphere). This lies in many factors. One is the vocals. Ben Falgoust is an extremely talented black metal vocalist, who can switch from black, to death, to doom vocals all within the same song. His shrieks and low growls are convincing and placed well within each song. Furthermore, his actual singing has two traits that other bands lack. 1) It is good, unlike Attila from Mayhem’s “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas”. 2) It has a depressing and sad sound, and is not whiney or annoying, unlike Vortex of Dimmu Borgir.

    Another great aspect of this album is the drumming. It goes from grind, to thrash, to death, to doom, and even throws in a rock beat on “Invert The Virgin.” This goes a long way in adding to the variety from song to song and helps carry the listener through the album without boredom. Likewise, the bass is well-placed, and sounds good when it comes to the forefront.

    However, the best part of this album are the guitar riffs. Again, they are diverse, yet they add an extra dimension to Goatwhore by providing the gloomy atmosphere and separates Goatwhore from other genre-mixing black metal bands. There are so many good riffs that it is impossible to mention them all, so I will go over a few. For example, if anyone wants to know what a black metal riff is, have them listen to “Upon This Deathbed of Cold Fire.” From about the 1:30 mark on, you get what are, in my opinion early-Darkthrone/early-Immortal quality riffs. Yes, they are that good. Simple in structure, yet complex in their emotional structure, which is both depressing and angry. Then, there are great sludge riffs on “Invert The Virgin.” “Nocturnal Holocaust and Path To Apocalyptic Ruin” have tremendous death-metal type riffs, while “As The Reflection Slowly Faces” has great doom-metal riffs and note picking which is further emphasized by Falgoust’s tremendous vocals.

    I could rave about this album forever. The production is crisp, yet not flat, and even the lyrics are better than typical balck metal bands. In short, it has a great deal of diversity, yet mixes it all together without eliminating the traits of any of its various styles(Unfortunately, their later album is guilty of this.) For black metal fans, or any extreme metal fans that enjoy diversity in their music, this is simply a must buy. Period.

    Posted on March 12, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now