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The Eclipse of Ages Into Black

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  • I notice with alot of these reviews they compare this band either by European Black Metal Bands or other projects they are in to determine the style of this band.Here’s how I see it personally.These guys totally brought back the sprit of old black metal and I’m not talkin Circa 1991.I’m Talkin about Hellhammer,Venom,Bathory,That was straightforward black metal dude.But what I like about this band is they take the influences of these bands,and put in a little modern flavor of their own bands for what I feel is a awesome record that recaptures the spirit of old school black metal but in a very original, modern way without being totally retro sounding.I think you’ll like this record if you are into any of the above bands but into newer stuff and not a total 80’s black metal cave dweller.New one is great also.But it’s my opinion so check em out.ALSO THESE GUYS RULE LIVE!! SEE THEM!!!

    Posted on March 12, 2010