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The Elephant Riders

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  • I’ve been listening to Clutch since ‘93, when Transnational Speedway League came out. I found their stripped-down sound to be great, but what captured my attention was the unbelievably clever lyrics. Granted, I had to follow along via liner notes as Neil Fallon’s vocal chords seemed to be shredding on every other track. Clutch is, by far, the most original of bands as far as songwriting goes; they’re like a white-trash version of Rush. Now with this album, it’s true, much of the aggression is gone and this is far more mellow, but the witty lyrics continue to flow. ‘Ship of Gold’ and ‘The Soapmakers’ being good examples of lyrical prowess and also good jams. Lastly, if you think Clutch has taken a mellower tack, hey–I’m down with any band that can work a trombone solo into the mix. Let’s see other bands do THAT! So what if they’re not as aggro as they were in 1993? Hey, maybe some of ‘em got married and had kids! I have since then. Leave us old farts alone!

    Posted on November 23, 2009