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The End of All Things to Come

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  • Ever since I first listed to L.D.50, I have been saying that Mudvayne has potential to be the next Tool. They are fantastic musicians and write amazing lyrics. When I first put in “EoATtC”, it didn’t really grab my attention much. I wanted a Dig or Prod to jump out at me, and the single “Not Falling” sounded a bit too radio friendly for my taste. Usually when I buy a new disc and it’s not reaching me, I put it aside for a few months and then try to go back to it. Not in this case. I ended up listening to “End of all…” six times last night. Each time the music grew on me more and more, and I heard what I was supposed to be hearing: Pure Genius! This is a phenomenal disc! I may even grow to like it more than L.D.50! “Not Falling” definately grew on me. If liked their last album, definately pick up this CD!!!(If you get the version with the DVD, it has an interview, shows the band in the studio, has a brief interview, and two bonus songs. It may be worth it for hard core fans, but it isn’t necessary.)

    Posted on January 6, 2010