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The End of Heartache

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  • I can’t believe I actually have to write a review defending this album considering how incredible it is. First off, let’s get one thing straight – this is metal. That point can’t even remotely be debated. I listen to everything from nu-metal to death metal, and this is definitely metal. Second, listening to obscure, fanatical death metal and/or grindcore doesn’t make you a metal expert or cooler than people who listen to more mainstream metal. Typically, it makes it so you can count your friends on one hand, as you write out your suicide note. I love the idea of metal elitists mocking this album, what makes them elite? Basically, when something becomes popular, usually it is because it is better than the stuff that isn’t popular. But I digress, back to the album review:

    This is just a killer album, blending elements of 80s thrash with late 90s hardcore, and then throwing in sweeping epic choruses for good measure. The production is flawless, yet it still maintains a raw sound, probably due to Howard Jones vocals. Speaking of which, they are nothing short of incredible. It’s hard to believe this is the same guy from BHBS, where he basically sounds like he is vomiting on the microphone for 35 minutes. At any rate, he learned how to sing AND scream better, combining the elements to create one of the most insanely schizophrenic vocal performances ever recorded. It fits perfectly with the music. The guitar riffs aren’t overly intricate, but they hit hard….. think about it, if this album was released mid-80s, they would’ve called it thrash. I don’t see why metalcore gets a bad rap, it is clearly the pre-eminent and best style of metal at the moment, why do you think so many bands try to copy this sound?

    And enough with the mainstream comments…. I played this for some of my friends, most of whom aren’t into metal even though they enjoy other mainstream metal such as Metallica and Pantera, they all hated it so much, complaining that the lead singer must be psychotic, how could I listen to such horrible music? LOL that’s all it takes for me to know that this isn’t mainstream. But for those of you with no lives who want to criticize popular metal, continue to knock away, even you have to privately admit to yourselves that Killswitch rules. In short, if you’ve ever liked metal of any type, you will enjoy this brutal yet melodic masterpiece.

    Posted on March 17, 2010