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The End of Silence

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  • This, the fourth studio session for Rollins band (Hot Animal Machine, Lifetime and Hard Volume) is a true turning point, not only for Rollins, but for music as well. This album is so hard and sooo heavy that it hurts, but that is the idea. Rollins gets through the past in a series of cathartic romps that are both lyrically and sonically awesome; a rare occurence. From Low Self Opinion (the song that should have gotten the same attention as “smells like teen spirit”), to Just like you (the most scathing repudiation of a parent ever written) this album is simply perfect. I have called it the single most important event in my life and I stand by that statement. The jams will rock you hard, the lyrics will both frighten and transport you to another level, while also making you reassess your life to date. With such potent lyrics as “see me, put yourself in my place; be me, put my eyes in your face. Maybe then you’ll see, why this place terrifies me.” and “You and me, pathetic we cling, we think that we’re free. Ugly, you and me, you see, you see, the REAL me.” it is hard to ignore this album and even harder to reconcile the fact that it IS largely ignored (as of two years ago Rollins still hadn’t seen a profit from this one). Pick up The End of Silence today, it will change your life.Paul M

    Posted on December 3, 2009