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The Essential Alice in Chains

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  • It seems like it took years for this collection to be released, but nice that it’s finally here, and thank god it’s two cd’s. All the major grunge bands had their own thing goin’ on, AIC stuck with the heavy, sludgy, dark side of things. Not to say that they only brought the rock though. I rate the softer/acoustic side of the band just as high as the alt/metal side. This much needed “Essential” set means you can now get rid of your “Greatest Hits” disc and “Nothing Safe: Best Of The Box” disc. It’s all here. In fact so is most of their mega-hit album “Dirt” for that matter. I may have added another track from “Jar Of Flies” and “Alice In Chains” myself, or maybe “Junkhead”, but otherwise this is close to perfect. To be honest, if I myself were to pick just two songs from the “Unplugged” album, it really would have been “Nutshell” and “Over Now”. So cool to see “Right Turn” on here too. I call this a must for any level of fan.

    Posted on February 14, 2010