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The Essential Journey

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  • This is not a bad album, but it is not all that great either. If I were a casual fan or someone new to the group then this would be the album to buy (over their single disc GREATEST HITS or TIME CUBED box set). For a few bucks more you get all the songs from GREATEST HITS plus some “Essential” tracks like: CHAIN REACTION, AFTER THE FALL, STILL THEY RIDE, STONE IN LOVE, THE PARTY’S OVER, JUST THE SAME WAY & ANYTIME.However, there are some “Essential” MIA’s like: SUZANNE, WHY CAN’T THIS NIGHT GO ON FOREVEER, DIXIE HIGHWAY, WALKS LIKE A LADY, TOO LATE & FEELING THAT WAY.As always not everyone will be happy with the song selection so accept what you’re getting here. ESSENTIAL JOURNEY is a much better compilation than GREATEST HITS for not much more $$$, but it is no substitute for owning all the Steve Perry Journey discs as I do. This is still the best disc available for casual fans with a lot of their better songs.

    Posted on January 28, 2010