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The Essential Journey

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  • You would think that they could get it right with two discs to work with this time, but “The Essential Journey” is only partially deserving of its title. True, all the big hits are included (the 15 that appeared on the original “Greatest Hits” are also here), and justice is restored to previously shunned favorites like “Stone In Love”, “The Party’s Over (Hopelessly In Love)”, “After The Fall”, “Still They Ride”, “Just The Same Way” and “Escape”. But there are still a bunch of greats that were left off in favor of lame “what-the-hell-is-this-one-here-for” type songs. I mean, since when are “The Eyes of A Woman”, “Mother, Father”, and “Something To Hide” considered essential, while high-airplay singles like “Walks Like A Lady”, “Why Can’t This Night Go On Forever”, “Suzanne” (a Top 20 Hit!) and “City of Angels” are not? Not only that, but even though this collection rightfully includes the classic “Anytime”, it does not include the song “Feeling That Way” which almost always preceeds it when heard on the radio. For Journey fans, this would be like Queen putting “We Are The Champions” on a best-of without “We Will Rock You” right before it! Same goes for “Stay Awhile” (which admittedly sounds a lot like “Lights”), which was always played right after “Good Morning Girl” on the radio. “Good Morning Girl” is here, “Stay Awhile” is not, and GMG seems lost without its companion. Don’t get me wrong, I do like the songs “Something To Hide” and “The Eyes of A Woman” a lot, but I think they should’ve been shelved in favor of better-known fare. At any rate, this is definitely the best Journey compilation out there (better than the spotty “Time3″), but I sometimes wonder what the people in charge of song selection are thinking when they put these things together.

    Posted on January 29, 2010