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The Essential Judas Priest

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  • If you’re already a big Judas Priest fan, then you probably own their other greatest hits albums they’ve put out and the box set, so it’s not really “essential” that you own this, but hey, it beats switching out 20 different cds constantly to hear all of these songs.

    CD 1 opens up with Judas Rising off of their latest (although sadly, not their best work) album “Angel of Retribution”, and CD 2 ends with another cut from the album, Revolution, with 30 years of awesome music sandwiched in between (although I wonder why it’s not in chronological order?).

    As I said before, chances are if you’re a Judas Priest fan, you probably own most of their CDs already or even the other greatest hits, but if you’re just hearing them for the first time, this is an awesome place to start, but check out all of their albums because there’s so much music they’ve done that cant all be included on here that is definitely some of their best.

    Posted on February 24, 2010