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The Essential Michael Schenker Group

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  • I’ll never forget when I bought a rare used CD at a local music store and my CD card was filled so I ended up getting myself another CD which was this one and I think that I made quite a good investment and I wasn’t sure how good this band was although I was a fan of UFO and as it turns out, they’re a good band but not quite as good as UFO.Michael Schenker left UFO in late 1978 to rejoin his older brother’s band Scorpions and recorded an album with them and surprisingly he auditioned for Ozzy Osbourne (who got booted out of Black Sabbath), Whitesnake and Aerosmith (it would be really interesting to see how well they could do with Aerosmith although it was their decline period) but he turned them down and formed his own band called The Michael Schenker Group.My only gripe about this compilation is that it doesn’t contain Victim of Illusion or Are You Ready to Rock and I didn’t like the songs that featured Graham Bonnet (Rainbow/Alcatraz) for some reason although he was decent in Rainbow but if you’re a casual fan of UFO or Scorpions, then you’ll like this band and this CD is a great way to start off your Michael Schenker collection.

    Posted on March 16, 2010