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The Essential Molly Hatchet

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  • Just like the Allman Brothers and Lynynrd Skynyrd before them, Molly Hatchet also hails from Jax, Florida. So it’s no coincidence that they sound a little alike. But make no mistake; despite the comparisons, few can dispute that they created a legacy and following all their own. The band got its name from a woman who lived in Salem, Mass. in the 17th century. This album rocks from start to finish. They have their own version of The Allman Brothers’ “Dreams I’ll Never See”. They take their shot at disco with “Boogie No More”. There’s “Beatin’ The Odds” (one of four tracks sung by Jimmy Farrar instead of Danny Joe Brown) which talks about overcoming obstacles which they’ve had many of. They celebrate their southern roots on “Sweet Dixie”. “Fall Of The Peacemakers” is an anti-war anthem of sorts and “Respect Me In the Morning” focuses on a stormy relationship in which both parties tell their sides. Two of their biggest hits “Bounty Hunter” and “Flirtin’ With Disaster” start the album and “Gator Country” was taken from the 1985 album “Double Trouble Live”. Keep in mind that the focus is more on the music than on the lyrics. Many of the tracks have long guitar solos and therefore long running times. I give this album a higher recommendation than the expanded “Greatest Hits” because the last five tracks on that album make it longer but not better. Every track on this 67 minute disc is a winner.

    Posted on February 8, 2010