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The Essential Molly Hatchet

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  • This CD could have been a perfect collection of all the best known songs by the very underrated MOLLY HATCHET. I’ve heard many of these songs for years on the album rock station, 97 Rock here. The main gripe I have is that Sony put on a live version of one of their most well known songs, GATOR COUNTRY. If it’s an Essential Collection, the essential version is the original, not a live version. As usual, Sony purposely does this to make you buy another CD , as they usually do with so many of their artists. It does include RESPECT ME IN THE MORNING, a real rocker sung with the powerful Joyce Kennedy of Mother’s Finest that is a rare treat. It’s just not complete without the original GATOR COUNTRY though. Another example of corporate Sony trying to make an extra buck by substituting an original version with a live version or alternate take.

    Posted on February 9, 2010