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The Essential Red Collection

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  • Nearly every band/artist has more compilation/greatest hits releases than necessary: Zep, Queen, Elton John, U2, etc…its just the way of the world these days. It’s your choice to buy them or not…there’s no need to continually whine about it…just don’t buy them!

    If you like Sammy Hagar and don’t mind parting with a MEASLY 12 bucks, just buy the damn CD! I myself own a fair amount of Hagar material, ‘Unboxed’ included, but so what. This CD is remastered, it has a different collection of songs that I like, and that’s enough for me to reward Sammy with a few bucks for the musical enjoyment he’s given me over the years.

    This is SAMMY HAGAR, not VH…if you want VH…go buy a VH CD, just stop crying about this CD not having any VH material…it’s SAMMY HAGAR!! Perhaps there are contractual reasons between the artists and record companies that prohibit combining the two? Doesn’t matter, you should concern yourself with what it is…not what it isn’t, and stop pouting like little girls.

    This is a great CD…highly recommended, especially to those who don’t know much about Sammy…it’s truly worth checking out…you won’t be disappointed!

    Posted on March 12, 2010