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The Fall of Ideals

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The explosive metal quintet has come to be known for their heavy riffs, memorable hooks and rowdy live shows. Revolver Magazine recently dubbed them ”the future of American metal”.Of the band’s new album, vocalist Phil Labonte said, ”People have a certain idea of what this band is. When they hear the new stuff, they will notice a new approach integrated with our original style. The riffs sound familiar, but with the new layers of song dynamics, it’s now a completely different animal. It’s almost like a new way to look at an old friend.”

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  • If you want to like Shadows Fall, but are exasperated with weak vocals; if you bought Killswitch’s album but never listen to it because it’s not complex enough; if you love Trivium but need more out of the throat vocals; if you love the twin guitar work of Maiden and the technical thrash of (early) Metallica, -THIS ALBUM IS FOR YOU.

    Especially if you heard and loved ‘This Darkened Heart’ – you should have this CD already. It really is fantastic, engaging, and very impressive. These guys not only have melody, they have talent. The dualling riffs and trading solos are worth the money alone. And yes, Phil does an excellent job on vocals. In fact, the entire band makes this album a better one than the last, and, consequently, a better album than all of the other metal-core out there. Trust me, this genre’s success will not last, but these guys are more than metal-core, they are METAL; so when the hype that surrounds Killswitch and Co. fades away, this band will truly be All That Remains.

    Posted on December 10, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • all that remains brings metalcore back from the brink of collapse.

    Posted on December 10, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • All That Remains’ second release, 2004’s “This Darkened Heart,” should have been their breakthrough. But it wasn’t. So, perhaps in an attempt to cross over into the mainstream finally, the band added a substantial amount of more melody to their follow up, “The Fall Of Ideals.” But, even though it’s up for debate whether All That Remains wanted to expand their fanbase or just expand their sound (and not make a “This Darkened Heart” rehash), there’s almost no denying that “The Fall Of Ideals” is a changed sound.

    There are positive and negative aspects of this newfound melody. On the plus side, there are quite a few more catchy, memorable, and infectious choruses. But, since about every song has a cleanly sung refrain, ATR now sound quite a bit less identifiable and more like an Atreyu, Caliban, or Killswitch Engage clone (it’s only a coincidence that KsE guitarist Adam D. produced this disc, though.) But there are ample aggressive guitar riffs and raging yells on here to prevent All That Remains from completely redefining their sound. And, to their credit, this band is capable of adding melody to their metal without having to haul out the acoustic guitars for a cliche interlude or album closer.

    “This Calling” is a good example of these songs’ structure: a heavy intro with long, almost emo-like screams leading into the verses (consisting of rapid, punching riffs, hard-hitting drums and throaty yells), segueing into a soft, gentle chorus with limpid singing, and concluding with a mini guitar solo. This is a good song which comes together well, and the pleasant-sounding chorus serves as a nice break from the throaty yells. But after listening to this formula again for another five–or so–tracks, the listener longs for something to break up the repetition, because the songs have become kind of predictable. But, fortunately, there are a few songs which are completely heavy: the fast, pounding “We Stand,” the scorchers “Six” and “Become The Catalyst” (which have fiery, chug and churn, dual guitar leads and almost thunderous rhythms), and the quick, bruising tenth track, “Empty Inside,” are all full-on metal assaults without any vocal pleasantries. And there’s a lot of heavy stuff to go around, here, so no song ever has too much melody. Plus, the whole album is less than forty minutes long, so it doesn’t overstay its welcome and/or become repetitious to the point of being intolerable.

    So you could call this disc somewhat formulaic, but if you take every song individually, the formula works very well, so why tamper with it? All in all, “The Fall Of Ideals” does stick out in this band’s discography, but it isn’t very identifiable in this genre. But even though it won’t go down in history as a modern metal landmark which knocks down any walls, and it won’t be heralded as the album which put All That Remains in the same league as, say, Shadows Fall, any metalcore fan (or ATR fan) would tell you it still makes for a good, mostly satisfying listen.

    Posted on December 10, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • This album is stunning, all the way around. Musically, you can’t find a better quote, “Metalcore” band than All That Remains: the incredibly solid guitar team of Oli Herbert (whose guitar tone and style is very reminiscent of Soilwork’s Peter Wichers) and Mike Martin, with their gallop-picking riffs ‘a plenty, the monstrous, vomit-inducing/sickening drum work of Shannon Lucas… And then you have, undoubtedly one of the greatest metal vocalists around representing his multi-varied range, from death metal cookie monster growls, rabid screams, and over-the-top melodic singing, Mr. Brutality himself, Phil Labonte! What is amazing about this album is how catchy it is for being heavily-laden with death metal and even black metal influences abound. There are also some obvious Soilwork-like groove metal with guitar harmonies galore. This band really knows what they are doing. Perhaps it’s the polished production that makes it sound so solid and good, however, I have seen videos of this band live on YouTube, and they know how to bring it. Needless to say, this is no run-of-the-mill cliche “Metalcore” band. This is a band that has re-written the book and approach of the whole Metalcore genre, and defies being pigeon-holed into Metal Sub-genre. All That Remains owns!

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  • ALL THAT REMAINS – The Fall of Ideals
    Herbet, Martin, and Lebonte are back with 2 new members (J Sagen – Bass // S Lucas – Drums) and their finest offering yet with `The Fall of Ideals’.

    From start to finish this is an 11-song masterpiece, filled with powerful riffs, melodic choruses and blistering breakdowns… And though this album is truthfully nothing new in terms of Metal-core, it is leaps and bounds above the competition. Generally speaking the Killswitch-Style of heavy verses and overly melodic, sing-a-long chorus don’t do it for me… Truth is, I just can’t stop listening to this (And even singing along!) Phil Lebonte is one of metal’s finest and easily most diverse vocalists, showcasing high pitched shrieks, low growls, hard-core screams, and a fantastic singing range. Herbert and Martin, as always, rock the guitars with fantastic song writing and face melting solos. New addition female bassist, Jeanne Sagen holds her own providing a nice backdrop for the insane guitar work of her counterparts. Other new comer Shannon Lucas is an absolute savage behind the kit… giving the All that Remains camp the well need heavy boost which ‘This Darkened Heart’ had lacked on drums.

    Honestly, I could rant and rave about this album but I will spare your time…
    All you need to know is THIS is the premier New-Wave-Of-American-Metal album… hands down!
    Prior to this CD I would have ranked, `This Darkened Heart’ or Unearth’s `The Oncoming Storm’ as the premier Metal-Core Album…. But this, my friends, takes the cake!

    Favorite Songs: Whispers (I Hear You), The Weak Willed, Indictment, and Empty Inside
    -4.75 Stars.

    “Was this review helpful?”

    Posted on December 9, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now