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The Fall of Ideals

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  • ALL THAT REMAINS – The Fall of Ideals
    Herbet, Martin, and Lebonte are back with 2 new members (J Sagen – Bass // S Lucas – Drums) and their finest offering yet with `The Fall of Ideals’.

    From start to finish this is an 11-song masterpiece, filled with powerful riffs, melodic choruses and blistering breakdowns… And though this album is truthfully nothing new in terms of Metal-core, it is leaps and bounds above the competition. Generally speaking the Killswitch-Style of heavy verses and overly melodic, sing-a-long chorus don’t do it for me… Truth is, I just can’t stop listening to this (And even singing along!) Phil Lebonte is one of metal’s finest and easily most diverse vocalists, showcasing high pitched shrieks, low growls, hard-core screams, and a fantastic singing range. Herbert and Martin, as always, rock the guitars with fantastic song writing and face melting solos. New addition female bassist, Jeanne Sagen holds her own providing a nice backdrop for the insane guitar work of her counterparts. Other new comer Shannon Lucas is an absolute savage behind the kit… giving the All that Remains camp the well need heavy boost which ‘This Darkened Heart’ had lacked on drums.

    Honestly, I could rant and rave about this album but I will spare your time…
    All you need to know is THIS is the premier New-Wave-Of-American-Metal album… hands down!
    Prior to this CD I would have ranked, `This Darkened Heart’ or Unearth’s `The Oncoming Storm’ as the premier Metal-Core Album…. But this, my friends, takes the cake!

    Favorite Songs: Whispers (I Hear You), The Weak Willed, Indictment, and Empty Inside
    -4.75 Stars.

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    Posted on December 9, 2009