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The Fall of Ideals

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  • This album is stunning, all the way around. Musically, you can’t find a better quote, “Metalcore” band than All That Remains: the incredibly solid guitar team of Oli Herbert (whose guitar tone and style is very reminiscent of Soilwork’s Peter Wichers) and Mike Martin, with their gallop-picking riffs ‘a plenty, the monstrous, vomit-inducing/sickening drum work of Shannon Lucas… And then you have, undoubtedly one of the greatest metal vocalists around representing his multi-varied range, from death metal cookie monster growls, rabid screams, and over-the-top melodic singing, Mr. Brutality himself, Phil Labonte! What is amazing about this album is how catchy it is for being heavily-laden with death metal and even black metal influences abound. There are also some obvious Soilwork-like groove metal with guitar harmonies galore. This band really knows what they are doing. Perhaps it’s the polished production that makes it sound so solid and good, however, I have seen videos of this band live on YouTube, and they know how to bring it. Needless to say, this is no run-of-the-mill cliche “Metalcore” band. This is a band that has re-written the book and approach of the whole Metalcore genre, and defies being pigeon-holed into Metal Sub-genre. All That Remains owns!

    Posted on December 10, 2009