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The Fall of Ideals

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  • If you want to like Shadows Fall, but are exasperated with weak vocals; if you bought Killswitch’s album but never listen to it because it’s not complex enough; if you love Trivium but need more out of the throat vocals; if you love the twin guitar work of Maiden and the technical thrash of (early) Metallica, -THIS ALBUM IS FOR YOU.

    Especially if you heard and loved ‘This Darkened Heart’ – you should have this CD already. It really is fantastic, engaging, and very impressive. These guys not only have melody, they have talent. The dualling riffs and trading solos are worth the money alone. And yes, Phil does an excellent job on vocals. In fact, the entire band makes this album a better one than the last, and, consequently, a better album than all of the other metal-core out there. Trust me, this genre’s success will not last, but these guys are more than metal-core, they are METAL; so when the hype that surrounds Killswitch and Co. fades away, this band will truly be All That Remains.

    Posted on December 10, 2009