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The Fallout

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  • In today’s music world, new bands are like McDonald’s hamburgers…millions served. To find great bands, you have to listen to dozens of CDs or get lucky when you take a flyer on buying a CD. How many times have you heard a song on the radio, bought the CD, and found out that the song on the radio was the ONLY good song? (Well, with web sites like Amazon, you can at least sample the music before you buy it.) After hearing “Wasting my Time” on the radio and sampling the remainder of the tracks here, I knew this was a solid CD. Default is a new band with an incredibly crisp sound, crossing between hard rock and alternative. I’ve seen several comparisons to Creed (which I probably wouldn’t disagree with) but I really think Default is more of the Candlebox ilk. Candlebox can light it up; so can Default. The lyrical genius in this band by far is lead guitarist Jeremy James Hora, who can also make the strings sing. But, in the end, who cares if you have great lyrics and music if you don’t have a worthy front man? Default has this problem solved many times over! Front man Dallas Smith has an incredible voice that runs the spectrum. I really haven’t heard a front man in a long time with the quality of Smith’s voice. As another reviewer pointed out, Chad Kroeger of Nickelback is another contributor to the band in several ways: discovery, backing vocals and lyrical collaboration. Of late, Kroeger and Nickelback have proven themselves a top notch band and his contributions here only provides further credence to Kroeger’s musical talents.To the music: most will be familiar with “Wasting my Time,” the first radio-bound offering. Default does a great job on this CD of mixing up the hard-driving tracks with the ballads. “Sick and Tired” leads off the CD with an in-your-face hard edge while the very next track “Deny” brings the listener back more toward the ballad (a Creed/3 Doors Down-like sound). The remainder of the CD does justice to the fact that Default has given us something to look forward to: the next CD.I gave this CD 4 stars as, in most cases, there is room for improvement. However, this is an incredibly outstanding freshman offering from an excellent new band.

    Posted on January 26, 2010