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The Fallout

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  • I waited for the default cd for a month and a half before it came out. When it did arrive in stores on the 2nd I was able to swing around and get it the next day. This is a very good cd with four talented members putting it together. Their alternitive sound rolls very smooth and the vocals are a nice touch. Though this cd isnt perfect. Though their sound and style is well preformed it is in no way unique. Not every song is a hit but most of them are tolerable at the least in this short (37 minute) cd. The songs that really drive this cd home are “sick and tired”, “wasting my time”, and “somewhere”.Default isnt the best new band around but they are solid. Expect good things in the future from this up and coming canadian band. Also if you do end up enjoying this cd as I did then I recommend picking up finger 11’s second cd “the greyest of blue skies.”

    Posted on January 26, 2010