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The Fallout

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  • Their first single “Wasting My Time” is totally addicting, its got a Creed-esque sound, but has a much more positive mood. It is probably the highlight of the entire album, along with “Slow Me Down” and “Live a Lie.” The album as a whole is full of good songs, along with a couple I would call excellent, but there aren’t any bad songs. The band is very talented and unlike many other bands in their genre they seem to have a much more optimistic view of life. Bands like Staind and Nickelback are wooing the masses with their self-loathing lyrics, so much so that bands like Default are greatly under-appreciated and underrated. Adding this cd to your collection is definitely a plus. Also I know Chad Kreoger of Nickelback produced the album and he guests a lot during some of the songs, but with or without him the album would be great. This is a recommended purchase for those sick of depressing, self-torturing lyrics; think of this band as similar to a Creed without spritual overtones and without a dark atmosphere. Finally I can untie the noose…

    Posted on January 26, 2010