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The Formation of Damnation

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  • This is Testament. Formed in 1983 with Steve Souza singing originally known as The Legacy. Since the birth of American thrash back in the 80’s Testament has been cranking out metal that was fast, intense and heavy yet melodic. 25 years later We are blessed with this masterpiece of an album. From the very get-go this album gets in the mood to rock. With crushing metal anthems like “More Than Meets the Eye” we see a brand new old band resurge with awesome crafted guitar riffs that seem to punch the ear drums as if to say, “Don’t call it a comeback!” Alex Scholnick and Eric Petereson’s chops cannot be matched by many. They shine on this album as if they never missed a beat. “The Evil Has Landed’ displays a sort of Practice What you Preach era. One of my favorite solos is on this song. The title track is probably the most intense song I’ve heard since “Of Dog Faced Gods” off Low. Killer breakdown and double-bass by Bostaph(a far better drummer than Tempesta). Do yourself a favor and don’t drive listening to “The Persecuted Won’t Forget”. Your bound to want to get a speeding ticket and possibly a bad case of road rage. “F.E.A.R. is one the most old-school songs I’ve heard them do in years. Sounds like maybe something off of The New Order. Very 80’s type rock chorus with a fat solo break and dueling leads. All in all kiddies this band help influence and pave the way for bands like Shadows Fall, Avenged Sevenfold, The Absence,Trivium. So put this record and school yourself with some old-school metal

    Posted on March 12, 2010