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The Formation of Damnation

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  • Ever since I completed my Testament collection a few years ago, by downloading the two songs from Demonic he doesn’t growl all the way through, I’ve been eagerly awaiting a new Testament album. I had high expectations going in because even my least favorite album of theirs, except Demonic, I still liked quite a bit. I’d say I like this one about as much as The ritual or Souls Of black. The album for the most part has a newer Testament sound with a mostly older style, with some new thrown in as well. I like that their original lead guitarist is back. One thing I missed on The Gathering was the great guitar solos. If you’re a Testament fan then you can’t go wrong with buying this album. Most of it is at least worth listening to, and there’s nothing really horrible.

    More Than Meets The Eye – 9/10 A quick paced song, and a good opener, not counting the instrumental. I like the beat of the drums, and the guitar solo’s a good one. Nice mix of growls in the background during the last chorus.

    The Evil Has Landed – 6/10 This one’s played quickly, but the verses have a slower pace to them. The chorus ismoves a little more. Musically this one’s ok. The vocal melodies are pretty good. There’s just something about this song that I don’t care for. Mostly I think it’s the lyrics. I’m not saying they couldn’t pull off a 911 song, but the lyrics seem a little too blunt for me.

    The Formation Of Damnation – 3/10 No. Just no. I don’t care for songs where all of the vocals are growling, and Chuck doesn’t have good sounding growl anyway. Songs like this are why I don’t care for but two songs on Demonic. I don’t mind some growling, D.N.R. and Down For Life are great songs and I love how he uses his growl in those, I just can’t get into a whole song of it.

    Dangers Of The Faithless – 5/10 I like the chorus, but I can’t get into the verses. I just really hate them. Mostly it’s the vocals, which are almost just talking.

    The Persecuted Won’t Forget – 5/10 So we had a song with a good chorus, but crappy verses, now we get a song with good verses and no real chorus. This one’s a faster paced song. This one just doesn’t have anything after the verses that stick with me.

    Henchman Ride – 9/10 Here we go. This is another quick-paced song. I like the beat, it’s different from that of the other songs on here. The music and vocals are all well done. This is easily one of my favorites on the album. This one’s becoming my favorite on the album. I tend to think of this one when I’m at work and I need to be pumped up.

    Killing Season – 8/10 This is another good one. It’s a little slower, but not much, than the previous song. The beat of this one’s a little different as well. I like the chorus

    Afterlife – 6/10 This one’s a step or so slower than most of the songs on here. It’s ok, but nothing really special. Untill I listen to it, I really don’t remember it.

    Fear – 9/10 This is another faster one, and for a while was my favorite on here. I like how the verses and chorus have completely different beats to them, yet they flow together well. Someone should tell Disturbed that it’s ok to change things up, mid-song every now and again. I like towards the end of the song how he moves from his scream to his growl. Great tune. This one also pumps me up a bit.

    Leave Me Forever 4/10 I just can’t get into this one. The first thought I had when I heard it was that the verses reminded me of the intro to a godsmack song. I can’t remember the name of it right now, it was on their Faceless album and it was a single. Testament should not be sounding like Godsmack at all. I also can’t get into the relationship lyrics. I remember being annoyed at Megadeth for doing it on the World Needs A hero album. I remember that song had one of the better melodies and music, but the lyrics were awful. The lyrics in this one are better, much better actually than that, but the song itself doesn’t do much for me. The vocals in the verses are ok, a bit different for Chuck, which is a good thing, but the song just doesn’t do anything for me.

    Overall it’s an ok album. It’s certainly one of the better purchases you can make this year.

    Posted on March 12, 2010