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The Formation of Damnation

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  • The Formation of Damnation was an excellent album from Testament, this being their 9th album so far and they have been getting better throughout the years considering what singer Chuck Billy went through (he successfully recovered from throat cancer and is doing great) they only got heavier as the years progressed, it seems like Testament are still going strong and two old members have returned along with former Slayer drummer Paul Bostaph. The classic Testament thrash sound still lives on in such tracks as the title track and The persecuted won’t forget and not to mention the brilliant More than meets the eye which has surprisingly thrashy tempos and blistering leads, it definitely sounds like a mix of the old thrash style found on Practice What You Preach along with the newer sound on The Gathering. I honestly couldn’t find a single bad track on this album, it was flawless and it was definetely a great comeback album. The album retains some speed when it gets going it has some of the best frantic,savage riffing I’ve ever heard along with some fantastic drumming and great soaring melodies while retaining that metal basis, the band is instrumentally proficient with Alex Skolnick providing some great solos check out the great solo on Henchmen Ride which is another favorite song of mine. The songs also have more of a political theme and deals with alot of current events like 9/11 on The evil has landed, Killing season and Fear which is about the dishonest and untrustworthy Bush administration both are great tracks off course, theres also the great song Afterlife which deals with alot of personal stuff that Chuck went through and has some great lyrics, when I first listened to this album I didn’t think that they would be as good as before since they were absent for so long but I was completely wrong, it was just amazing. Testament is one of the most respected groups in thrash metal and this album was their best next to Practice, The New Order and Low. Formation is a masterpiece and should be a part of any serious headbanger’s collection period so get this album now WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!!! m/.

    Posted on March 12, 2010