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The Fourth Legacy

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  • It’s rare to find a decent power metal band from America (it’s hard enough to find a decent power metal band at all). Fortunately, with the aid of Roy Kahn, Kamelot excels. Blending progressive metal riffs with power metal speed, the band has been able to shine in the genre. The Fourth Legacy, the band’s forth studio release, is a stellar achievement. This is not to say that the album follows a pattern of sorts.

    As all power metal albums have an instrumental introductory song, so this release has “New Allegiance”. The second song is usually the catchiest and most straightforward song, as is the title-track, “The Fourth Legacy”. From here on, however, Kamelot prove that they have a great command over various types of melodies. Guitarist Thomas Youngblood (whose name sounds medieval enough) shows that he can handle Middle-Eastern-inspired melodies (as shown on “Desert Reign” and “Nights of Arabia”) as well as medieval ballads (clearly demonstrated on the all-acoustic gems “A Sailorman’s Hymn” and “Glory”). The beauty of the album is, that even the so-called “regular power metal songs” are stand-out tracks. The melody and accompanying keyboards in songs such as “The Shadow of Uther” and “Until Kingdom Come” are enough to stay ringing in listeners’ heads for hours. Even the last song, the outstanding “Lunar Sanctum” (which is neither power nor progressive metal) has its memorable moments.

    Melody alone does not make this album a success among clones – most (if not all) power metal bands are melodic almost by obligation. Instead, it’s the creative collaboration between voice and guitar, rhythm and riff that make this album a must-have for any power-metal fan.

    See also: Kamelot – Epica, Aina – Days of Rising Doom

    Posted on January 31, 2010