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The Fragile

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  • After seeing Nine Inch Nails in New Orleans last Thursday, I’ve decided to toss my hat in and write a review of Trent Reznor’s latest masterpiece.It all started with “Pretty Hate Machine”, a spectacular album, that brought an industrial style of music to the masses. Followed by the much harsher “Broken” and then “The Downward Spiral”, which melded the styles of both previous albums into one.”The Fragile” expands greatly on “The Downward Spiral”, fullfilling another piece in NIN’s musical journey. Was it worth the five year wait? Certainly. Does it sound somewhat like it’s predecessor? Yes, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Each Nine Inch Nails record flows into the next. They’re not so much individual albums as they are one cohesive work. Building and extrapolating on each other to give the listener a glimpe into the sometimes tortured psyche of Trent Reznor.Reznor’s lyrics also tend to carry over from album to album, providing continuity. I think some of his better efforts are included on this album.What sets NIN apart from most of the clones is the music. And here again, they don’t disappoint. Sonically this is a beautiful work with layers and layers of sounds forming on top of each other, with new sounds being discovered with each listen. Some of the best tracks are the instrumentals like “La Mer”.Overall it’s a brilliant album that most NIN fans already own and that the curious should check out. A breath of fresh air in todays stagnant musical enviroment.

    Posted on December 31, 2009